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Trent Hill Farm & Nursery was founded in 2001 as a niche Maryland garden nursery to supply local landscape contractors with high-quality plant material. Located in the scenic rolling hills of southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland, it is uniquely positioned to service the developing areas of Annapolis, Maryland; Washington D.C., and their suburbs. Our Maryland garden nursery includes 35 acres of field grown trees and shrubs, an assortment of 3 gal – 10 gal containerized material, and a wide selection of 1 gal perennials. The demand for unique and quality product had led to an expansion in our market area.Trent Hill Farm & Nursery has evolved to specialize in specimen plants, large caliper trees, hard-to-find species, and native plants.

Maryland Garden Nursery & Farm = Maryland Native Plants

Since its beginnings, Trent Hill Farm & Nursery has practiced stewardship of the land. This involves particular attention to nutrient management, pest control, and water-use.  We are a Maryland garden nursery and consequently we specialize in Maryland gardens & plants. The nursery prides itself in being environmentally conscious, and promotes best management practices of the land. This not only protects the natural resources, but allows the nursery to produce a naturally grown tree that is well acclimated to the unique climate of Central Maryland and its surrounds.

Trent Hill Farm & Nursery has recently opened to the general public. While our focus remains on providing high-quality plant material to the landscape industry, the nursery also affords the opportunity for its local customers to obtain specimen material.

The staff at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery is available year round, and is always willing to accommodate customers. Please contact the nursery if you are interested in a tour of the property, or want to obtain more information on the plants we grow.


Public Yard

The staff at Trent Hill Farm & Nursery can be of tremendous assistance to the do-it-yourself customer. The nursery is a vendor to many of the local landscape contractors, and is home to a very well-known landscape operation. There are many factors that influence the selection and placement of your particular plant. We will advise on how certain macro- and micro-environments will affect the plant you choose. Here are some specific factors to consider when planting new material:


  • Exposure (How much sunlight does the site receive?)
  • Drainage (Does the soil hold water or does it drain well?)
  • Aesthetics (What do you want to accomplish with the planting?) Ex. Flowering, shade, winter interest, screening, evergreen, fragrance, color, protection
  • Positioning (How will the immediate environment affect the survivability?) Ex. Wind, winter/summer exposure, buildings, impervious surfaces
  • Maturity (Will the plant fit the site when it has fully grown?)


We can help you answer all of these questions, and allow you to make the right decision in choosing the best plant for your site. So, please stop in and let us help guide you through the process of planting and gardening.  Good advice, great service, excellence in product and wholesale pricing is what Trent Hill Farm & Nursery is all about.

Want to increase your property value in an instant? We can grow, deliver and plant HUGE trees for you!


To the Trade: Mon-Fri: 7-4
Open to Public: Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 9-3
(call to be sure!)

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